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CITEL manufactures a complete range of lightning surge protectors for AC power, telephone, data, photovoltaic, CCTV and RF coaxial lines. CITEL surge suppressors have been especially designed to provide an effective solution to Broadband Wireless, Telecom, Automation Control Instrumentation, panels and Security Market industries.
CITEL surge protection devices are ideal to protect PBXs, Telecom equipment, Radio Base Stations, GPS, Wireless systems and cellular sites against lightning surges and electrical transients. They are also ideal to protect PLCs, MUXs, HUBs, RTUs, SCADA, THCs and Telemetry systems against power surges.
Citel propose also a new series of surge protection for photovoltaic systems 500 V, 800 V, 1000Vdc Type 1 and 2.
Many models are available for 4-20 mA loops, RS232, RS422, RS423, RS485, T1/E1, ISDN, 56k/DDS, leased lines, telephone lines as well as coaxial cable and twisted pairs. They come for DIN rail, panel mount or directly plug-in to the equipment to be protected. I/O connections can be made either via screw terminals or DB9, DB15, DB25 connectors or RJ11, RJ45 jacks. Our coaxial lightning arrestors feature also all types of connectors such as N, BNC, TNC, SMA, 7/16 DIN and F type. Coaxial protectors are available in bulkhead version, right angle. They come with gas tube or quarter wave technology.
Most of CITEL lightning protections use a state of the art heavy-duty multistage design that combines fast response time diodes and a high power handling capability surge arrestors gas discharge tubes (GDT). They contribute to expand equipment life span and eliminate costly downtimes. CITEL surge suppressors automatically reset after each surge and are maintenance free. Under the most severe conditions, the surge protector will fail short leaving your equipment fully protected.
CITEL is a worldwide leader manufacturer of surge arrester gas tubes and provides a complete line of gas discharge tube components from 75V to 2500V available for surface mount and through hole mounting, with or without leads.
Most of CITEL surge suppressors have been approved by all major international organizations like UL, CE, VDE, and private corporations like ALCATEL.